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Monster Party 26/3/17

"It was then time for a walk in the 'Black Forest' - evidence of Monster Truck's undoubted musical breadth - Blues Rock at its best - smacking of Bonamassa's 'Sloe Gin' even down to its opening/closing cool keys from the appropriately named Brandon Bliss and its awesome climactic guitar solo courtesy of the energetic Widerman. Indeed the breadth of MT's music, as showcased in 'Sittin' Heavy' was indicative of why the Electric Ballroom mosh pit never got really going on the evening, further evidenced, once Harvey returned, on 'For The People' with its Country feel. "Are You Having A Good Time?" enquired Harvey as 'Things Get Better' with this rockin' belter and more audience participation "I Got A Feelin' Things'll Get Worse Before They Get Better". The delicious Blues fusion of Bliss's keys and Widerman's guitar on 'For The Sun' - not only re-empahasised the fact that these guys are not just one trick gold mine ponies but Harvey's vocal really nailed the guts of this Blues track from 'Furiosity' before it dissolved into the heavier Blues Rock of 'Seven Seas Blues'."

Read the whole of AJ's Monster Truck/The Picturebooks Electric Ballroom gig review here from last Wednesday plus check out our photo gallery here.


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