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Molly Karloff EP Review 27/2/20

"Their title track was written using a baritone guitar, and right from its opening riff, the addictive hook and aggressive vocal immediately slaps you around the face (think The Offspring), setting the tone and hooks for a real foot stomping head banging groove and chorus, that takes a dig at hypocritical attitudes to drug addiction in society. Their first single released last month, 'She Said', is an infectious Hard Rock collision reminiscent of The Brew meets Black Orchid Empire (check them both out as well), with its swirling guitars intro, melodic verses, cool wah riff, punchy chorus and soaring vocals. Ironically its subject matter is all about perseverance, although you won't have to worry about that as its a track you will want to play over and over again."

Today read AJ's complete take here on Molly Karloff's new EP 'Supernaturalation' which will be released next Friday 6th March, plus in advance of its release they are hosting a Launch Party tonight at London's The Black Heart in Camden with support from Spidervayne (7.45pm) and Black Tree Vultures (8.40pm).

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