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Molly Karloff Album Launch Review 4/3/20

"Last up were Molly Karloff, who claim to be like Boris Karloff’s belligerent granddaughter, hence the name! And they look the part, Jowie Adkins on drums has blue hair, wearing white sun glasses and red trousers. Dan Podbery on bass is nick-named the Nikki Sixx of TK Max by the band and with his long hair and black leather waistcoat I can see why. But he shares every emotion in his face as he plays through the set list. Simon Gee on guitar and lead vocals has a close cut black beard, darkened eyes and black nail varnish as he launches into ‘Dancing For Money’ the song that launched their career, powerful crunchy riffs and the trademark ‘wah pedal’ on the solos. The songs are gritty and powerful with a deep growling bass, albeit played with a smiling face and soulful melodic vocals!"

Today read the whole of our triumvirates take as Ivan De Mello, AJ and Chris Bourlet respectively, review Spidervayne (pictured), Black Tree Vultures and Molly Karloff's Black Heart, Camden, London gig from last Thursday night here plus check out our Photo Gallery here.


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