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Molly Hatchet Dingwalls Review Part Deux 11/12/18

"They launch into their set of classic tracks like 'Bounty Hunter' and 'Gator Country', with it's excellent Ingram solo, as well as 'newer' tracks (1996) like the slow slusher that is 'Devils Canyon' from the album of the same name. McCormack banters with the crowd, borrowing a camera from the front row to do his own bit of paparazziing, and generally having a good time. Although he is somewhat more sober in his dedication of 'Fall Of The Peacemakers' to all the US servicemen and women. And the Royal Navy. Presumably the Pongoes and the Crabfats have upset him. He also felt the need to pledge his allegiance to the US flag. Which was nice. I guess the mid-Brexit Brits struggled a little with that."

Following Mark C.'s take yesterday on Molly Hatchet/Federal Charm, Dingwalls, Camden, London gig from last Friday, today we have another excellent review from Mother here plus a brand new Video Of The Day.