Mollie Marriott/Bad Touch Islington Academy Review 2/12/17

"The tantalizing 'Run With The Hounds', taken from Mollie's debut album, opens the set and is executed with sublime precision and enthusiasm. This song has a delightful and satisfying melodic groove, a great set opener. Next up was the title track of the new album, the beguiling and classy 'Truth Is A Wolf', an irresistible groove with spellbinding vocals. 'Nobody To Love' is a new song which is not on the debut album and is a first for me. A riveting and rousing heavy Funk Soul track with exhilarating vocals."

Read the whole of Steven C. Gilbert's' Mollie Marriott/Bad Touch O2 Islington Academy gig review here from last Sunday (photo courtesy of Laurence Harvey) plus check out today's Track Of The Day.