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Modern Rock Wellbeing Festival Weekend 7/8/20

Following the storming success of June’s Spirit of Wildfire2 radio festival, Great Music Stories Radio is broacasting its Modern Rock Wellbeing Festival Weekend here from 5pm tonight to 11pm Sunday. Consisting of 100 live sets, plus an all-female headliner bill, led by Deborah Bonham, Melissa Etheridge and Verity White, the bill has attracted some top USA artists including BadFlower, JD Simo, Robert Jon & The Wreck, Sari Schorr and Austin Jenckes, as well as some British icons including Toby Jepson, Nick Van Eede and Irwin Sparkes from the Hoosiers. Ash Wilson will also be playing a 25-minute tribute to Peter Green; Hoss from Thirteen Stars will be doing a second set of fun 80's guilty pleasure covers; and Daxx & Roxane have recorded a full Rock covers set!


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