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Modern Rock Stories 18/6/21

After the success of 'Modern Rock Vol. 1' last year,Great Music Stories is releasing another new, exclusive, free, limited-run, CD sampler album, 'Modern Rock Vol. 2',that celebrates some of the brightest names in the grassroots Rock scene, namely: CovAid2020, Amongst Liars, Twisted Illusion, DeadBlondeStars, As Sirens Fall, The Starling Radicals, Loz Campbell, Ravenbreed, Verity White, Jason Sweeney, Scarlet Rebels, Empyre, Fallen Mafia, HAVR, Little Red Kings (Video Of The Day), Safire, Unknown Refuge, Devilfire and Thirteen Stars.Anyone who wants a free copy of the sampler, needs to tune in to greatmusicstories.comtonight or any Friday night at 5pm, and put in a request when music from the compilation is played!

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