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Mike Dillon's 'Bonobo Bonobo' 19/12/18

Percussion wizard Mike Dillon has seemingly done everything a musician could dream of. He's been a key member of bands like Garage A Trois, Dead Kenny Gs and Critters Buggin. He's served as a key sideman to artists like Rickie Lee Jones, Les Claypool and Ani DiFranco. He's amassed an extensive catalog of genre-defying recordings. He's taken to the road relentlessly, building one of the most loyal underground fanbases on the contemporary music scene, while being invited to share bills with bands including Clutch, Dean Ween Group and Umphrey's McGhee. For nearly three decades, Mike has been playing exclusively by his own rules. Now, the man championed as a "Punk Jazz provocateur" has just produced what perhaps may be his shining hour, 'Bonobo Bonobo'. The new album, due to be released this Friday, coincides with his upcoming Winter tour, and was recorded in New Orleans with a collective he calls The Mallet Men (today's Track Of The Day) - essentially an extended version of his core touring vehicle, The Mike Dillon Band.

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