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Michael Schenker Fest Forum Review 17/11/18

"The rest of the set was structured into four main sections allowing each of the four singers a chance to take centre stage. With exuberant and jubilant introductions from Schenker, first to step up to the mic and show us what he could do was Doogie White. Opening with the excellent 'Vigilante Man' from the 2015 Temple Of Rock 'Spirit On A Mission’ album, galloping on to the superb 'Lord of the Lost and Lonely' from the 2013 Temple Of Rock 'Bridge The Gap' album, which was seamlessly followed by the catchy and melodic 'Take Me to the Church', one of the stronger songs from the 2018 Michael Schenker Fest 'Resurrection' album. Next up was the immense thumping heavy 'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead' from the 2011 'Temple Of Rock' album, before ending the mini set with the stellar UFO song 'Natural Thing' from the 1976 'No Heavy Petting' album. A superb performance from Doogie, and, to be honest, the best singer of the evening. His voice is strong and muscular, with a rich tone, immense power and deep resonance. A potent force to be reckoned with!"

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