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Mendelson's Lay It All On Me 26/4/20

Today's Video Of The Day is Leslie Mendelson's 'Lay It All On Me' - the fourth and final single, as well as, the opening track from her latest album, 'If You Can’t Say Anything Nice...', released earlier this month via Royal Potato Family. The 10-song collection is stacked with songs that recall 70's AM gold artists like Carly Simon, Carole King and Fleetwood Mac. And although sonically reminiscent of a simpler, more direct time in music, lyrically the album is completely of its time addressing depression, the gun rights debate, pharmaceutical addiction and over exposure to media in all its various modern forms. Before the onset of the Covd-19 pandemic, Mendelson was set to open three shows for The Who this Spring, a band with whom she has an ongoing relationship, having previously opened for them twice last year at Madison Square Garden, as well as, supporting Roger Daltrey solo.


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