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Mean Time For JB Tonight! 7/7/16

"It was almost irrelevant what material JB chose to play, because the jaws of the punters, most of whom had seen him many times, continued to drop in awe. For the record the set opened with Beck's 'Bolero/Rice Pudding' followed by Clapton’s 'Mainline Florida' and Zeps 'Boogie with Stu' – all three greats covered in the first three songs – nice!! That effectively set the tone as it should – the set did what it said on the tin and the crowd loved it. Highlights for me were 'Spanish Boots' – 'SWALBR' (where JB introduced us to a little beauty of a guitar) – 'Tea for One' which JB covered on his 'You and Me' album and is one I wish he would play on his “normal” tours (any chance JB?) – 'Pretending' and 'Blues of Desperation'. Of course the night wouldn’t be complete without a tribute to the Beatles and 'Taxman' duly achieved that."

Read Wrinkly's take here on Joe Bonamassa's Liverpool Cavern Club gig last week (pictured) and yes - we're off to see him again tonight at Greenwich Music Time! Happy days!

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