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May The Force Be With You! 16/8/16

"Time for a guitar intro from guest Oli Brown on 'Damn The Reason' - with no let up in Schorr's vocal nor subject matter - this time based on domestic violence. The contradiction is that it's beautifully crafted with Julian Maeso's keyboards, the introduction of backing vocals plus a trademark Brown guitar solo. The opening groovy rhythm guitar of Quique Bonal on 'Cat And Mouse' belies its underlying message of past emotional abuse in the music industry. "I ain't ready for a steady rollin' Tom and Jerry life!" - the moral of this story being that once the shackles are off you can write great groovy music like this with both Sibun and Maeso excelling. The first cover on the album is Lead Belly's classic 'Black Betty' - it's unique arrangement and in particular it's cajun guitar opening - lean heavily methinks on the influence of Sibun's time with Robert Plant in 1993. About slavery and rape - Sari originally performed this at Lead Belly Fest at Carnegie Hall - Ram Jam it certainly ain't - but it's powerful production, Innes' guitar and Sari's undeniable enthusiasm and attitude deliver a classic from within a classic."

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