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Maudiir Moonshine Interview 27/1/21

Maudiir joins today's latest Zach Moonshine Show Podcast Of The Day totalk about their latest EP, 'La Part du Diable', the pandemic, recording music as a one man band and to take questions from the live audience in the chat room. There's also new releases from Celestial Sanctuary, The Sonic Overlords, The Band Repent, Asphyx, Battering Ram, Pustilence, Detoura, Medieval Demon, Markus Spittka, Afronaut, Amp Phobia, Blood-Stained-Dusk, Dangerous Times For The Dead, Birds of Nazca, Eternal Autumn, Howling Gods, Abominated, Johnny Craven, Mountain Hermit, Silenced Minstrel, Malo De Dentro, Lining Redox, Meuchelmord, Mike Fulkerson, Pressure, Repaid In Blood, Vox Mortis, Suffer Under Sorrow, The Beautiful Losers and Venemous Rose! Zach also plays some classics by request from Overkill, Hatebreed, Ozzy Osbourne, Piledriver, Metallica and Suicidal Tendencies!

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