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Matt Andersen At Borderline Tonight 25/5/17

"The album's closer, 'One Good Song' is exactly that, a good song about finding and writing that one good song that every artist aspires to. Vocal, piano & flute take pride of place as this well crafted tune takes the CD to its inevitable conclusion. A real unexpected treat of an album, the only question that lingers is how Mr Andersen is not a household name? Surely this can only be a matter of time? If the live dates throughout May in the U.K. are as good as this album, big things are surely just around the corner for Matt and his easy Country Blues style rock." That was part of Phil C.'s recent take on Matt Andersen's 'Honest Man' CD and not only is Matt today's Video Of The Day, but both Phil and Bob Wilson will also be covering Matt's gig for the WRC at London's Borderline tonight!


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