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Master Of Masters 17/11/20

Iron Mask, the Neoclassical Power Metal masters and one of the world's leading Neoclassical and most original acts, return after a four-year break to continue their successful collaboration with AFM Records, when they release their latest album, 'Master Of Masters', on Friday 4th December. Founded almost 20 years ago as a side project to guitarist, composer, producer and songwriter Dushan Petrossi's main band, Magic Kingdom, Iron Mask, named after the mysterious prisoner from Alexandre Dumas' novel "The Man in the Iron Mask", have matured into a sovereign band and a big-shot in the international Metal scene. Playing breathtakingly energetic Hard Rock, and also featuring Mike Slembrouck - vocals, Vassili Moltchanov - bass and Ramy Ali – drums, all twelve songs have that perfect combination of pure Metal, but easy-listening feel with Progressive touches, beautiful orchestrations, virtuos playing and catchy melodies.


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