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Massive Wagons Win Best Support 1/1/20

"This was a relatively short 30 minute outing that was totally full on … Baz Mills bounces around the stage constantly (can’t wait to see how he keeps this up for a full set), whilst the twin guitars of Adam Thistlethwaite/Stephen Holl and the rhythm section of Alex Thistlethwaite (drums) and Adam Bouskill (bass) powered through the set perfectly, seemingly enjoying every second but certainly not fazed by the size of the room or the scale of the occasion." That was part of our review from the Lynyrd Skynyrd/Status Quo gig at London's SSE Wembley Arena back in June, and Massive Wagons (Video Of The Day) are the first winners in our 2019 WRC Awards - voted 'Best Support' band by our members!


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