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Massive Interview 24/6/17

"Typical Aussies - these guys are on a perpetual world tour following the release of their critically acclaimed 'Destination Somewhere' album last year - with even Kerrang saying that they were following in the footsteps of Guns 'N Roses. Massive definitely cranked up the tempo as they weaved around the small stage wringing every possible sinew out of their performance with their full frontal Aussie Rock including fans favourite ' Blood Money Blues' (check out the video) and their new single 'Calm Before The Storm' from their forthcoming album. One of the highlights of the day - make sure you catch them at London's Proud on Friday 14th July."

That was part our Massive Stone Free Festival review here and we also managed to interview Massive singer/guitarist Brad Marr here (and today's Track Of The Day). What a nice guy - who reaffirmed the accuracy of the band's reputation as riot-starting, fist swinging road dogs fuelled on adrenaline, lager and a determination to party hard!