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Mason Hill's Black Heart Fireworks 30/10/19

WRC 2017 Best Support Band award winners Mason Hill have announced plans for the release of their debut album, 'Against The Wall' (today's Track Of The Day) in 2020, plus the band are also playing four gigs in October/November across the UK, including Camden's The Black Heart in London on Fireworks Night, when they will showcase their new material alongside some old favourites. The album will be recorded next month at Riverside Studios near Glasgow, with much of 2019 spent writing, rehearsing and refining material. The plan is for the album to be self released, with the Glaswegian modern Rock band consisting of Scott Taylor - lead vocals, James Bird - guitar, Marc Montgomery - guitar, Matthew Ward - bass and Craig McFetridge - drums, keen to move forward and give the fans what they have been waiting for. In order to fund recording, mixing, promotion, merch and all the other costs of getting the album out, the band is also running a Kickstarter campaign here.