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Mask Of All Misery 22/3/20

Today's Video Of The Day, 'Adrena', is taken from Meshiaak's blistering second album 'Mask Of All Misery', which is out now via Mascot Records. Formed in Melbourne, by 4ARM’s Danny Camilleri and Teramaze’s Dean Wells, with bassist Andrew Cameron, they have recruited drummer David Godfrey who replaces Jon Dette, following his departure due to logistical reasons with him being based in the US and the rest of the band in Australia. ‘Mask Of All Misery’ is an album that journey’s through a maze of toxic influences and the masks the exponents wear. Indeed, the album barely takes a breath through the ten songs and deals with personal struggles and the inner-strength to pull yourself through as well as burrowing into the dark underbelly for an album of uncompromising heaviness. However, the band have an ability to sprinkle light, adding visions of hope lyrically and strong sense of melody throughout the unrelenting power and musicianship of the four members.


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