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Marshman Double Header 25/3/18

Following swiftly on from yesterday's Blues On The Marsh Track Of The Day, today we have Friday's show featuring Grant Peeples and The Peeples Republik, Errol Linton, Fred Chapellier and The Gents, Ian Siegal (pictured), Peter V Blues Train, Ghost Town Blues Band, Solomon Burke, Marcia Ball, Jimmie Vaughan, Dudley Ross featuring Noel McCalla, Archie Lee Hooker and The Coast To Coast Blues Band, Karen Lee Batten, Claudette, Orphan Jon & The Abandoned, Rockwell Avenue Blues Band, Alfie Smith, Teed Up, Dan Doiron, The BluesBones, Breezy Radio, Budda Power Blues, Leslie Satcher & The Electric Honey Badgers and Pontus Snibb's Wreck Of Blues.

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