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Marillion Win Best Prog Award 7/1/20

"We're sure a lot of old timers still hanker for some of the older material - and let's face it, there is some great stuff there - but to as much as even think it out loud would feel inappropriate and disrespectful, as it would be to utter the F-word. You know; the one that ends in 'ish'. And some context.. F-bloke recorded four albums during eight years with the band ... Hogarth has spent 30 years contributing to and performing 14 albums. Whilst there is an argument that there are perhaps two Marillions, the one you can still see doesn't really need the other... its got everything it needs - the same great musicians, a rich back catalogue, and in Hogarth the blessed combination of a great (and under-rated, to be honest) singer and front-man." With just four remaining winners to be announced in our 2019 WRC Awards, that was part of our take on Marillion at The Royal Albert Hall last November, and the band, who are today's Video Of The Day, have deservedly been voted 'Best Prog' performance.


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