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Marillion RAH Gig Review 23/11/19

"If the aptly named 'Power' truly epitomised Hogarth's stage presence, then 'Beyond You', taken from 1995's 'Afraid Of Sunlight' duly emphasised Trewavas' outstanding bass guitar credentials. Roars of approval welcomed the opening bars of the title track of 1989's 'Seasons End', the very first album to feature Hogarth, the frontman duly celebrating his pearl anniversary by getting behind a keyboard, complemented by the big man doing what he does best with another effortless solo, while the audience deliriously clapped along, morphing into yet another standing ovation. A bit of banter with the crowd, saw the MC for the evening, Hogarth, tell one friendly heckler to "shut up - I'm talking", before Steve thanked the sextet (violins, viola, cello, flute, french horn), whom not only added depth to the overall sound but also made a couple of sections really different and special."

Today read the whole of AJ and Mark C's joint take on Marillion at London's Royal Albert Hall on Monday night here, the penultimate night of their thirteen-date 'With Friends from the Orchestra' tour.

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