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Mariana Semkina CD Review 7/4/20

"Skin' starts with warming melodically plucked strings before gradually building with sumptuous decorous piano, plush teasing percussion and insistent palatial drums. Semkina's mellifluous vocals are delicately soft and gracefully soothing despite the highly sensitive, painful and emotionally charged lyrics, “I am sanding light, peeling my skin off, off my body where you touched it”. 'How To Be Alone' starts quiet and wispy before ascending with assertion. The lyrics cascade like water falls from euphonious vocals, “I will teach you how to be alone my girl”."

Today, not only read another one of our self-isolating album reviews, as Steven C. Gilbert gives us his take hereon Mariana Semkina's (Iamthemorning) 'Sleepwalking' CD that was released on Valentine's Day, but also check out today's Video Of The Day.


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