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Malone Sibun CD Review 8/1/20

"Likewise the Malone penned ‘Taste Of Your Love’, which adds Massimiliano Guidi on acoustic guitar as Innes switches briefly to mandolin, pales a little in comparison with the trio of Sibun compositions which follow it. The first of those three songs, ‘Jodie’, is in a Country Rock vein, although the Rolling Stones are the stated vibe, while the slow minor Blues ‘I’m So Tired Of Living’ features some trademark Sibun guitarwork and is, for me, the best song on the album. ‘Lovelight’, which Innes wrote several years ago in Mostar, Bosnia, has a more radio friendly hook, perhaps a little like some of Whitesnake’s later work."

Today read our very first CD review of the decade here, Gary Smith's take on Malone Sibun's debut album 'Come Together' that is due to be released at the end of this month, plus check out our Video Of The Day of the title track.


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