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Mad Dogs Ready To Testify 30/7/20

Friday 16th October will see Rock 'n' Roll maniacs Mad Dogs release their hotly anticipated upcoming full length record, titled 'We Are Ready To Testify', with Go Down Records, of which their second single 'Postcard From Nowhere' is today's Track Of The Day. Playing kick ass Rock 'n' Roll music with a true love for Garage sounds, all wrapped up in a 70's atmosphere - the Italians are known for their highly energetic and powerful sound, swinging grooves and fuzzy guitar virtuosity. Comprising of Marco Cipolletti: guitar, vocals, Luca Zenobi: guitar, Simone Mosciatti: bass and Giacomo Zepponi: drums, backing vocals, it's the band's third studio album of ten powerful songs, consisting of overwhelming riffs plus adrenaline-filled ups and downs.

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