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Lynyrd Skynyrd Wembley Arena Review 3/7/19

"But then the clincher: at the start of the second verse, Johnny shelves his mic, puts a familiar looking hat on the mic stand, and leaves the stage … to leave us with vintage Ronnie on the big screen, taking all of the second verse and break to the instrumental - perfectly synchronised old image, great quality Ronnie vocal (complete with “How bout you?“), and live performance of the music itself. The closing section is, as you’d expect, flawless…. monumental... epic… emotional – pick your own superlative; they all apply.

And so, with waves and bows, the show was over, and after Birmingham on Sunday night, so is their presence on these shores. Farewell tours have been known to be false dawns (or should that be false sunsets?) before of course, but this felt, as billed, like a true farewell.

I doubt we’ll see their like again."

Read the whole of Mark C.'s Lynyrd Skynyrd + Status Quo + Massive Wagons gig review from a very hot Wembley Arena in London last Saturday night here, plus check out our updated Photo Gallery here.


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