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Lynne Jackaman Notting Hill Review 4/3/19

"One song - ‘Beautiful Loss’ - is a lovely tribute to lost friend Adam Green and is performed with just Lynne and Jamie - as are several songs tonight - but the majority of the set is full on and Funky with brass section Johnny O’Neill & Nick Etwell parping away giving extra welly away at the back. If you’re curious to hear these songs, Lynne has released an ‘Unplugged’ set performed at London’s Palladium last year on a support slot with just Jamie on acoustic. Sadly it’s poorly recorded - it sounds like an audience bootleg - but at least it gives an outing to some of the songs while the album is in gestation. But I have the feeling that 2019 is the year that Lynne will at last come back with a huge bang with an album that will get her a LOT of attention."

Read the whole of Pete Elphick's Lynne Jackaman, Notting Hill Arts Club, London, gig review from last Thursday here, plus check out Bruce Biege's Photo Gallery here.

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