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Lucid Hallucinations 19/11/20

Alternative Rock band, Pylon Poets, combine elements of the current world situation, mental health and dream states, on their new EP, ‘Lucid Hallucinations’, which is due to be released via all online platforms on Friday 18th December. Consisting of Dan Hughes - vocals, guitars, synths, Sam McIver - drums and Nathan Hughes - bass, the Torquay band is inspired by the sounds of many Rock, Synth and high energy bands, and the end result is a blended, unique sound, staying true to their sonic vision. All four tracks were recorded this year producing three singles. ‘Breathe’ was the first single to be released in March, followed in July by ‘Abandon’ which gained radio play on Planet Rock Radio and Emerging Rock Bands Radio amongst other radio stations. The latest single ‘Rise and Call’ was released earlier this month, with a powerful, thought provoking video, portraying the year as it happened. Opening track ‘Reverie’ has been teased at live shows since its creation and is an unheard track to many, that will be complemented by a new music video, on the day of the EP release. With two previous UK tours and an array of festival appearances, the band continue to grow as they explore new genres, delve in to experimentation and aim to break new musical barriers.


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