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Love Lives On 18/4/18

The career of acclaimed Blues-Soul artist Dana Fuchs began in her late teens when she ignited Manhattan’s Blues-Rock circuit with her burnt-honey vocal and bruisingly honest songwriting. With a voice acclaimed by Classic Rock magazine in a Blues album of the month review as “juke-joint dirty and illicit, evoking Joplin, Jagger and a fag butt bobbing in a glass of bourbon”, a trio of soul-drenched studio releases signalled her talent, while in between records she starred in the Broadway musical ‘Love, Janis’ and made her big screen debut as Sexy Sadie in the film ’Across The Universe’, which was centred on songs by The Beatles. Dana now returns with ‘Love Lives On’, her fourth album out on Friday 18th May on Get Along Records/Membran and one on which she fights back from personal tragedy with a sound inspired by the siren call of American Soul. ‘Love Lives On’ features a crack-squad studio band that includes original Hi Records organist Charles Hodges, Stax titan Steve Potts on drums, keys ace Glenn Patscha and bassist Jack Daley.

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