Love Is Howe 22/6/20

Legendary Yes guitarist Steve Howe has announced he is to release 'Love Is' on Friday 31st July through BMG Records. It's Howe’s first solo album since the all-instrumental 'Time' in 2011 and has a balance of five instrumental tracks and five songs. Steve sings lead vocals and plays electric, acoustic and steel guitars, keyboards, percussion and bass guitar on the instrumentals while Yes vocalist Jon Davison provides vocal harmonies and plays bass guitar on the vocal tracks. The album also features Dylan Howe on drums. Many years in the making, 'Love Is' brings together a consistently strong and polished listening experience, forging the very best from the writing and playing throughout the album. This may well be considered the real 'stand out' album of Howe’s solo career. The instrumentals keep a highly Progressive Rock guitar style to the fore, with songs that explore stories of lives lived and lives only just begun.