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Love & Beyond 7/5/19

Michael Thompson is one of the world’s elite session guitarists, with a CV that includes work for Michael Jackson, Madonna and Whitney Houston. Hailing from New York, he relocated to LA in the late 70’s to start his career and eventually released ‘How Long’ as the debut album by the Michael Thompson Band in 1989. With songs written by AOR craftsmen such as Mark Spiro and Jeff Paris, it featured notable guest musicians such as Pat Torpey (Mr. Big), John Elefante (Kansas) and Bobby Kimball (Toto), and was produced by Great White associate Wyn Davis. Still regarded as one of the premiere examples of hi-tech West Coast AOR, it was reissued in 2007 by Frontiers, who also released a new record by the band in 2012 entitled ‘Future Past’ for which Thompson teamed up with singer Larry King from the band Soleil Moon. Last month, he returned with ‘Love & Beyond’ (today's Video Of The Day), which is once again produced by Wyn Davis and features three vocalists in Larry King, Mark Spiro and Larry Antonino, who also plays bass and is a member of Unruly Child, as is Guy Allison who appears on keyboards.

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