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Looking For A Gig Tonight? 2/4/16

If you're looking for a gig then two of the bands we have recently showcased are playing in London tonight. First up - The Karena K Band (our Vid Of The Day) - who are part of our 'LastMinuteBandz' roster - are playing the Halfway House, Barnes, West London at 8pm. With a voice and classic writing style reminiscent of torch singers past, Kareña can belt out those Blues or sizzle with smoky Jazz vocals. Broken Witt Rebels - who we featured on our 'Introducing ...' page here are also gigging at The Water Rats in Grays Inn Road. And as a treat for all the punters going they've decided to sell their 'Georgia Pine' EP ahead of schedule. This is an exclusive as it will not be available again until release! Enjoy!


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