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Lonely Robot Album Review 21/6/20

"The Silent Life' is a deeply sublime arresting atmospheric ballad. A beguiling sonic bed of delicately shimmering cellos peppered with decorative piano arpeggios, support raw, emotionally exposed and vulnerable euphonious vocals as they delicately glide over the top with a strong sense of purpose and respectful grace. “For in the endless street parade, there's beauty in her silent ways, she's living life to observe, never speaks a single word, and in tooth by tooth she builds a smile, and lives the silent life." A tastefully restrained and technically proficient melodic guitar solo, reminiscent of David Gilmour or Steve Rothery, tingles the senses and is quit simply stunning!"

Today, read another one of our self-isolating album reviews, as Steven C. Gilbert gives us his take here on Lonely Robot's 'Feelings Are Good' CD that is not only due to be released on Friday 17th July, but is also today's Video Of The Day.

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