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Lockdown Live 2020 23/9/20

European Blues Award winner Erja Lyytinen will release her ‘Lockdown Live 2020’ as a live album CD and DVD package on Friday 6th November. The album brilliantly captures a historic moment in time, as it was filmed and recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic, and is in advance of Erja’s February UK tour next year. Indeed, Lyytinen was in the middle of one of her busiest times of her career when the pandemic struck, and at the start of this year, Erja was riding the crest of a wave, given her touring and promotional activities were catalysed by a string of high-profile achievements during 2019. This live recording takes a retrospective look back on Lyytinen’s long and successful career, and with such a vast back catalogue behind her, Erja was quite literally ‘Torn’ (a track from her 2019 release, 'Another World'), in choosing the songs to feature in her setlist and this subsequent concert album.

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