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Lock It Up - Live In The Lockdown 6/8/20

Deep Blue Sea, like virtually all bands during the lockdown and beyond, have been unable to get together and play - but by the magic of the interweb - from locations around London - attics, bedrooms and bathrooms! - they have re-recorded three songs under the banner 'Lock It Up' - and if you would like an mp3 of any or all of the tracks then go here, or just drop an e-mail to and the band will send you the downloads! A reference to their 2018 album recorded at Harpenden Rock and Blues Festival, the tracks, which were also captured on phones and Zoom cameras and put together as clips, have all been changed a little here and there because of the lockdown and together the band hopes they create a snapshot of life as it is at the moment and also give a positive look to the future.


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