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Live Resurrection 26/1/20

The tank is full, the engine roars - 'Live Resurrection' from Motorjesus, out on Friday 14th February, offers over 70 minutes of high voltage Rock music including today's Video Of The Day 'Tales From The Wrecking Ball'. One of Germany's best bands when it comes to Heavy Rock, the band is now back in action with a new line-up, that also played the entire tour, recorded during the last two shows of the latest 'Race To Resurrection' album tour. Founding members, vocalist Chris "Howling" Birx and Andy on guitar, plus Patrick Wassenberg (guitar), Dominik Kwasny (bass) and Philipp Kohout (drums), offer an ass-kicking selection of songs from over 15 years of Motorjesus. There's a storm coming and Motorjesus are ready for it!

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