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Live In England 4/12/19

'Live In England', the fourth album recently released by DBA (Downes Braide Association), is their first live album, recorded at their first ever concert at Trading Boundaries last September, of which 'Tomorrow', recorded at the show, is today's Track Of The Day. Whilst DBA was conceived as a studio project, the concert was a great success and features material from the DBA albums 'Suburban Ghosts' (2015) and 'Skyscraper Souls' (2017) together with tracks from Geoff Downes’ time with Buggles and Asia. Next year, the duo will once again be returning to the same East Sussex venue on both Friday 14th February and the night after. Joining Downes and Chris Braide this time around will be guitarist Dave Bainbridge (Iona, Lifesigns), together with bass player Andy Hodge and David Longdon (Big Big Train), and the show will again be narrated by Barney Ashton Bullock.


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