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Live At Freak Valley Out Today! 14/4/17

"Matthews then poses the question: "Siegen - are you ready to rock" - as another self-penned Blues Rock corker 'Language By Injection' - written about a night out in Poland when touring - nudge nudge wink wink - delivers as promised. Krissy then shares a special personal moment with Freak Valley - "Seven years ago I was very lucky to meet the King of the Blues - Mr. B.B. King - and this is a song I wrote later that night" - cue 'The Soul Will Never Die' including both a two minute opening guitar solo that the great man - God bless him - would have been proud of - plus another towards the end which hears the German crowd roar with approval."

The Krissy Matthews Band continue their UK tour at London's Fiddler's Elbow this Wednesday following the release today of their first live album 'Live At Freak Valley'. You can read AJ's complete take on their new live CD here plus check out today's Vid Of The Day with Krissy recently performing with Maggie Bell no less.


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