Lionheart/Airrace/V1 Review 6/12/17

"The heavy riff of 'Not Really Me' demonstrated the tightness of the band before they fast forwarded thirty three years to the present and their new single 'Eyes Like Ice' - its Dokkenish feel with their trademark guitar/keyboard fusion giving their assembled fans that warm feeling like the band never had actually been away. Two more from 'SOL' followed - a great opening vocal from Payne on 'Didn't Want To Lose Ya' led to another great guitar solo from the scarf wearing Laurie, before they launched into their very first single 'I Don't Care' - classic Rock at its best with its Van Halen edge. The second new song of the night 'Come With Us' showcased charismatic frontman Payne's powerhouse vocals, before Mansworth Senior dedicated the next song, 'Promise To Call', to an Airrace fan named Tim. Just hope that Tim was there to witness the fantastic execution of this melodic AOR classic."

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