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Lindsey Buckingham London Palladium Review 7/10/22

"The penultimate song was the charmingly beautiful ballad, 'Love Is Here to Stay', from the 2017 'Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie' album. Completing the evening’s proceedings was the delicately strummed 'Time', a cover of the Pozo-Seco Singers that also features on Buckingham's 2021 self titled album. A mellow ending to a very special and memorable gig."

Despite both Glasgow and Liverpool gigs being unfortunately cancelled at the last minute due to his ongoing illness, former Fleetwood Mac guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer, Lindsey Buckingham, managed to perform the opening date on his first ever solo tour of the UK, at the prestigious London Palladium last Saturday, so today read below Steven C Gilbert's complete take of the gig, plus also check out today's Video Of The Day of 'Big Love'.


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