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Like An Arrow 3/11/16

"It’s likely Blackberry Smoke will never entirely break free of the Lynyrd Skynyrd comparisons attached to the dueling guitars/keyboards sound they traffic in. Still, there is stylistic room to roam. Songs such as the tough, sinewy riff heavy title track, the Bad Company/Brit rock inspired opening 'Waiting for the Thunder' with its crashing drums, greasy riffs and arm-waving chorus, the grinding rocker 'Ought to Know' and blue collar anthem 'Working for a Working Man' are some of the hardest, most powerful tracks in Smoke’s studio history. All of these sound tailored made for the live shows without a doubt."

Check out the whole of Wrinkly The Silver's Blackberry Smoke 'Like An Arrow' CD review here plus see today's Vid Of The Day.


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