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Liam Flies Out Of The Traps! 22/10/15

All roads led to Sussex last Saturday as The Replicants left the comfort of their back yard for Crawley! Why you may ask - well they had agreed to let fourteen year-old Liam O’Kane play drums on a couple of their numbers and that’s where he lives – simples! The Greyhound kindly offered to host the gig (many thanks Caz) and a source close to the WRC said that Liam was so nervous he hadn’t eaten all day! So after The Replicants had suitably more than warmed up the crowd it was all eyes on Liam! And if he was nervous then he certainly didn’t show it as he ripped into 'Smoke On The Water', 'Ace Of Spades' – (our Vid Of The Day that provoked a "f**k yeah" from one punter), 'Lil Devil' and unbelievably The Replicants signature finale 'Rebel Yell' which we understand he hadn’t rehearsed! There was no stopping him now as the crowd called for more and Liam insisted on 'Tush'!!! A great night and many thanks to the guys as usual for entering into the spirit of things!

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