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Let It Snow! 6/12/15

"The brand new 'Revolution' was debuted before we were back on familiar ground with the groovy 'My Lucky Streak' from 'NOY'. Hendrix's amazing 'Voodoo Chile' was almost the only cover on the night - Turley more than doing this epic justice. Two more new tracks 'Rock & Roll' and 'Feeding The Flame' still kept the momentum going before they rounded of an excellent set with two final tracks from 'SOTC' - 'I Wanna Know' and finally the stand-out title track. with its give-away slide guitar intro and riff. Of course Santa checked out who in the audience had been naughty and nice and we all subsequently received an encore prezzie in the form of: Albany Down in Santa hats, the cover 'Let It Snow' (which it did thanks to the snow machine) and the rockin' title track 'Not Over Yet' - which - despite its name - brought proceedings sadly to an end! All in all a great night from two outstanding and very friendly bands - we must really try and celebrate Christmas like this every year!"

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