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Let It Flow! 24/1/17

"Hughes' enthusiasm and emotion was already palpable as he reached back 35 years to his collaboration with Pat Travers Band guitarist Pat Thrall and 'Muscle And Blood' - the 65 year old proving that the body and that incredible voice are still willing despite some of his contemporaries falling by the wayside. It was then time to go back even further to 1975 and Mk IV, for some Deep Purple and 'Gettin' Tighter' - Hughes vocals not only giving Coverdale a run for his money but also showcasing his very cool pounding bass with great drum work from Engborg plus the manic organ of Boe. The rocking 'Stumble & Go' from 'Resonate' had a definite Stones feel about it before Trapeze's 'Medusa' proceeded to beguile - Hughes' hypnotic vocals complemented by a fusion that accentuated every sinew of his band on this classic. Hughes' banter about his runny nose and his historic use of mad marching powder preceded the familiar opening hard riff of 'Can't Stop The Flood' - written by Glenn in the desert - and off of his 2001 album 'Building The Machine' - this kept the set list well and truly alive in an oasis of quality Rock music."

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