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Let Blues On The Radio Massage Your Ears! 25/2/16

Having just returned from a weekend at the Broadstairs Blues Bash you may be surprised to learn that Richard Dunning managed to pull together a playlist for his latest Blues On The Radio show! On today's Track Of The Day you'll hear the likes of Rebecca Downes, JW-Jones, Chris Bevington, Johnny Rawls, Danny Bryant, Kelly's Lot, Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus, Waydown Wailers, Robert J. Hunter, Ina Forsman, Fantastic Negrito, Tasha Taylor, Mike Brookfield, Ben Poole (pictured), Salvation Jayne, Stevie Nimmo, Dennis Jones, Catfish, Paul Benjaman Band, Swampgrass, George Shovlin & The Radars, Michael Messer's Mitra and Red Butler ahead of their recent showcase at The Tuesday Night Music Club.

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