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Lee's Dream 8/10/20

Master guitarist Lee Ritenour will be releasing his brand new album 'Dreamcatcher' on Friday 4th December via The Players Club, and his title track is today's Video The Day. For Ritenour, there aren't many 'firsts' left to achieve. During his dazzling five-decade career, the fabled LA guitarist has taken his music to the outer limits, alighting on every genre and occupying every position in the Rock 'n' Roll firmament. He's been an enfant terrible of 70's Fusion, a crossover star of the 80's Pop chart, an honorary exponent of Brazilian Jazz, and the fingers behind 90's supergroup, Fourplay. And yet, when he checks the rear-view mirror, the 68-year-old acknowledges he's never made a record like 'Dreamcatcher'. Weaving tapestries of instrumental guitar and conjuring eclectic moods, the 12 tracks of 'Dreamcatcher' rank amongst the most melodic and tinglingly beautiful in Ritenour's catalogue. Even without lyrics, every track tells a story.

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