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Lee Kerslake 21/9/20

Last weekend, iconic former Ozzy Osbourne and Uriah Heep drummer Lee Kerslake passed away from cancer at the age of 73. The Osbournes recently agreed to grant Kerslake his dying wish of receiving his platinum albums, after being contacted by Metal Hall of Fame President/CEO Pat Gesualdo. Gesualdo informed the Osbournes that Kerslake had terminal cancer, and that he wanted to help mend the legendary three decade old, ongoing, headline grabbing feud, which was levied over financial payments and song royalties between the Osbournes and Kerslake. After conversations and much strategising, the Osbournes and Gesualdo arranged to have the Platinum record awards presented as a surprise to Kerslake for his Induction into the Metal Hall of Fame, at the Annual Metal Hall of Fame Celebrity Gala. Kerslake had been working on a solo album entitled 'Eleventeen'. A much anticipated documentary on Lee featuring Kiss, Uriah Heep, Ozzy Osbourne band members and other rockstars has been in production by film maker Tayla Goodman, and is waiting to be finalised.


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