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LastMinuteBandz - Trauma UK 15/2/16

It's about time we added another band to our LastMinuteBandz roster here. Step forward Rock/Punk band Trauma UK from Witney, Oxfordshire. With their Punky-edged Rock style and drawing influences from T.Rex, The Exploited, The Sex Pistols, and even Led Zep/Pearl Jam - Trauma UK are out to make some noise and have fun doing it!! Formed originally in 1995 with then bass player Benny Szucs, Trauma UK quickly gained a local cult following with support slots for UK Subs and The Vibrators to name drop a few. A riotous performance in the Hollybush Pit saw guitarist Jim Maycock crash his Flying V into the wall causing an electrical blackout throughout Witney! Benny then left to join the Army .... and Trauma UK were no more. Fast Forward to early in 2014 and reforming with the original line up – and a noisy packed comeback gig with rising stars Twisted State of Mind, Trauma UK were back and louder than ever!!

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