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LastMinuteBandz - Teresa Mascianà 10/8/16

Teresa Masciana (Vid Of The Day) began her career as sound engineer in Italy and still manages her own recording studio and mobile sound company which has taken her on tour with artists and bands in Europe, Canada and USA! In March 2012 - the latest addition to our LastMinuteBandz - surprised everyone with her first album 'Don’t Love Me' (Top Records) an upbeat collection of songs with a positive, commercial indie sound. Halfway through 2015 Teresa decided to move to England to produce her new music and to live close to the British record industry which has always fascinated her. On April 2016 her new album 'I Need You' was released by the British label Long Tales Recording. The album contains four sparkling and visceral songs. British influences light up Teresa’s songs giving them an international taste. The original sounds, the new voice and her energy seem to have been renewed by the new country!