L.A. Guns Photo Gallery 6/11/17

"Now I'm not one for pre-event hype or the sales pitch for a bands latest album but when I read the promo for L.A. Guns latest incarnation it piqued my interest. As a guitar nerd I'm a big fan of Tracii Guns. He's a guitarist's guitarist with a strong following on various social media (facesnapapp thingy) as well as being an integral part of the whole LA rock scene from the 80's. He and I were also born but a few weeks apart so are of the same vintage. But I'm also the most cynical being on the planet so when I read the following press release I had my usual 'Yeah right ....' moment:"

Read the whole of Mother's L.A. Guns Underworld gig review from last Thursday tomorrow, but in the meantime check out our photo gallery, including support band Stone Trigger, courtesy of John Bull here.